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        Please note that any child who appears on the website unless stated is not a subject of bullying.

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Martial Artists



MAAB got off to a flying start on Monday 2nd July 2007 when it was given the thumbs up from Rotherham Social Enterprise. Their step by step business advice allowed the  MAAB board to go ahead with their plans to

help to put a stop to the widespread problem of bullying, not only in children but within the adult community also.


MAAB then received a second boost when Bullying On Line

(bullying.co.uk) also recognised the planned work that MAAB had projected, further providing a statement for this very site.


Bullying has been in the news extensively over the last few months and hard evidence shows that the consiquences of bullying can be disasterous.


MAAB has been developed to bring all martial artists of varying styles together  and to collectively make more people aware of the problems and how it can be tackled or dealt with correctly. The MAAB system does not promote a "fight back system" but does teach self defence and self confidence and other important life skills.


MAAB would like to promote Anti-Bullying to thousands of people in the UK who study martial arts and is wanting to see the logo recognised nationally and even Internationally such as other important logos or symbols that represent important causes today.


MAAB will be overseen by an accountant and solicitor to make sure that the year end profits are used to further the business and provide courses and training for the underpriviliged. MAAB will also be seen to support Children and Charities on a regular basis.

No martial Arts group or organisation will be promoted over another by MAAB, the idea is for all martial artists to work as one community. This site will provide valuable information and news for all.


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